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Map the times drive on your Mac

Click on the finder icon then select the Go Menu and Choose Connect to Server

Type in the address smb://algshare/journalism and hit connect as shown in the image below.

Enter username and password

Enter you college username and password as shown in the image.  Make sure you use the format of woodroffe\username.  Replace username with your college assigned username.

You should now be connected

You should now be connected and see a window similar the one shown below.

How to connect to the College VPN from my Mac

Open Network preferences

From the “Apple” menu select “System Preferences”. In the “System Preferences” window click “Network”

Create a new VPN Interface

Click the “+” icon at the lower left of the window.

In the new window set these settings “Interface: VPN”, “VPN Type: Cisco IPSec” and “Service Name: Algonquin College”.

Click the “Create” button

Enter configuration information

Enter these settings for the configuration; “Server Address:”, “Account Name: YOUR ALGONQUIN USER NAME“, “Password: YOUR ALGONQUIN PASSWORD” and set “Show VPN status in menu bar”.

Enter authentication settings

Click the “Authentication Settings” button.

In the “Machine Authentication” window enter these settings; “Shared Secret: VPNGroup1 and “Group Name: VPNGroup1 (note: these settings ARE case sensitive).

Click the “OK” button. You can click “Apply” to save your changes, then close the “System Preferences” window.

Connect to the VPN

You should have a new VPN icon in the area beside your clock. To connect to the VPN click the icon then select “Connect Algonquin College”.


You will likely need to enter your Algonquin password again, “Account Name” should be your Algonquin username and “Password” should be your Algonquin password.

Click “OK” and it should try to connect.

You should now be connected

You should see a timer near the VPN icon indicating your connected and the duration of time you have been connected.


If it didn’t connect try these;

1) Is the machine on the Internet? Try opening a web page and make sure you are connected.

2) Did you enter the correct username and password? Try logging in to Algonquin’s Secure Server at If you can login there than your username and password is correct.

3) If you still have trouble connecting contact ITS at x.5555 or the Media and Design Technicians at x.5009.


To disconnect from the VPN simply click the VPN icon again and select “Disconnect Algonquin College”.

You should disconnect when you are done using Algonquin services because as long as it is connected it is sending ALL of your Internet traffic through Algonquin, possibly slowing down your browsing and using up Algonquin’s bandwidth.

How to connect to the Multimedia, BiT and Game Developer network shares from my Mac


If you are trying this from home you will first need to connect to the VPN. You can use the website

If you are in the College on a lab computer or a personal laptop you don’t need to worry about the VPN.

Map a Network Drive

From the finder click the Go Menu and Select Connect to Server

Replace share$ with the drive that you want to connect to from the list below

Students Drive smb://mmserver/homedirs$/username (replace username with your college username)

Teachers Drive smb://mmserver/teacherhd$/username (replace username with your college username)

Dropbox Drive smb://mmserver/dropbox$

Public Drive smb://mmserver/public$

Team Drive smb://mmserver/teamdrives$

Resources Drive smb://mmserver/resources$

Common Drive smb://mmserver/common$

NOTE: If you have errors try replacing “mmserver” with “ or “”

Once you are connected enter you college username and password

1) Enter your college username as shown. Make sure you enter your username with woodroffe\yourusername

2) Enter your college password.

3) You can choose to remember your password if you don’t want to type it everytime.

You should now be connected and see a share similar to this one in the picture

Adobe Creative Cloud Activation

How to login and activate your Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Type in a Browser


Open any browser and type Click register if you haven’t registered yet. If you have already registered then login with your college email and password.

Click the check box


Click that check box that indicates that you are a student and press continue.

Enter email address


Enter your email address and click continue. You should then receive an email that asks you to confirm. I can’t show that here but you will need to check your email and click on the verification link.

Once completed you should see this


Once completed you should see this screen or something close to it.

Click on the Adobe (Free) Link


Click on the Adobe Creative Cloud link

Optional (Click on Are you eligible)


If you want to check to make sure the software is available to you you can click on the “Are you eligible” tab.

Click add to Cart


Add the Adobe Creative Cloud to your cart

Check out


Click the “Check Out” button.

Accept agreement


Click the “I accept” button.

Fill in your info


Put your Last Name, First Name and email address into the order info and click “Proceed with order.”

Click Redeem Now


Click on the “redeem now” button to recieve your redemption code. Also you might want to write down your redemption code and copy it to a text file.

The site


The site should open. You will need to create an adobe ID if you don’t have one. If you have one login with that info.

Fill in info as shown


Fill in your info as shown above using your name and email address as well as your date of graduation.

Enter redemption code


Enter the redemption code that you received in a prior step.

Accept Terms


Accept Terms and Conditions.

Click Continue


Click “Continue”

Click Get Started


Click “Get Started.”

You are now on Adobe’s Site


You are now on adobe’s site. You can click on Download Center and start downloading your Adobe Creative Cloud Applications.