Connecting to the madteamdrives from home (Windows 10)

This will illustrate how to connect to the madteamdrives share from home.  You must first connect to the VPN in order for the share to work. Please follow the instructions outlined in this support article. Once connected please continue with these instructions

Map a Network Drive

Open a File Explorer (ie. a folder window)

On the right hand side, RIGHT Click "This PC"

Select "Map Network Drive"

Enter network path

Enter the folder path \\algshare\madteamdrives

Select Connect using different credentials

Click Finish

Enter your College network credentials

Enter in woodroffe\username and replace username with your college username. An example is woodroffe\stjeanb

Put in your college password and click to remember your credentials

Click OK to continue

You should now be connected

You should now be connected and can navigate to the folder of your choice