Connecting to the Multimedia Shared Network Drives

This will describe how to connect to the Multimedia network shares from a Windows machine.

Open a folder window.  On the left you should see a list of drives and folders.  Right click on Computer (This PC on Windows 8) and select Map network drive…

Here is a list of drive letters and folder paths available to Multimedia

  • Student Home Directories – Z: – \\mmserver\homedis$\<<replace with your username>> (ie. \\mmserver\homedirs$\stac0006)
  • Teacher Home Directories – Z: – \\mmserver\teacherhd$\<<replace with your username>> (ie. \\mmserver\teacherhd$\staceym)
  • Dropbox – Y: – \\mmserver\dropbox$
  • Public – X: – \\mmserver\public$
  • TeamDrives – W: – \\mmserver\teamdrives$
  • Resources – V: – \\mmserver\resources$
  • Common – U: – \\mmserver\common$

Fill in the fields, check mark the Connect using different credentials, and click Finish

Your username is WOODROFFE\<<your college username>> (ie. WOODROFFE\stac0006)

Enter your college password

Click OK

Repeat the steps above for each share you want to connect to.